The Ugly Truth

I'm telling you that life will always be like this. Today you might cry, tomorrow may still. There is no guarantee that you will be fine, even in the next ten or twenty years. Either you want to give up or fight, life will just be like this. With or without you, the world will keep going. So, you don't need to expect anything. Just do what you can.


I'm telling you that there is no good person in this world. Today I may be nice to you because I need a thing or two from you. Tomorrow, I might ignore you as if we never met. Tomorrow, maybe you will get my cold stare like I never owe you. Then, there's no need to trust anyone too much. Remember, even your thoughts can be deceiving.


Life will always be this way.
Today you are alone, tomorrow may remain the same.
You don't owe anyone anything, so why fight so hard as if you have to pay it?
I, you, them, are a small part of the universe that will also dissolve in its time.
No need to be too loyal.
There is no need to be too kind to other people.
We're nothing.

We are nothing to anyone.


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